Saturday, January 22, 2011

Even Though Christmas Is Past, These Are Too Precious to NOT Share

I was decluttering in my office and ran across these photos set at the end of December from the Jud C Hickey Alzheimer's Center that Mama attends twice per week.

These are precious....

                                            "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...."

                                                        "I've still got it.  Let me show you how it's done."

 Mama, always the educator, showing Mrs. Claus a thing or two about her cell phone! 


    "That's right.   Pay attention Mrs. Claus, 
there might be a pop quiz on this soon."

                                               Never too busy to pose for the camera.  

1 comment:

Glynis said...

Your mom sounds like a wonderful strong women. I just read the article before mama had Alzheimer's.