Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like Old Times in the KItchen...Sorta

Mama came over today after church to spend the day with us.

Sundays have turned into an all day affair with her these days. 

I had sort of a deja vu in the kitchen with her.   There we were again, working in the kitchen together...  me at the stove and Mama cutting vegetables.   It felt good.  

She still has great motor skills and can slice & dice like a pro.   She just needs to be prompted as to what to do.  I usually demonstrate first what I'd like her to do, talking with my hands while making eye contact and speaking to her.   And usually she gets it.   And I have to make sure she washes her hands thoroughly before starting out.  

This really took me back to my childhood with us being in the kitchen together.   Only now, the roles are in reverse.   Back then Mama, lead and I followed.   These days, it's the reverse.   Back then there was lots of talking, including her telling ME what to do!  "Hand me the butter or milk from the fridge", she'd tell me.   These days, there are far fewer words and many more smiles.   So it's all good. 

 I also make sure there's always some great and familiar music playing in the background.  Today it was some of the old Motown classics, like Gladys Knight and the Pip's "Midnight Train to Georgia".   So there we were together in the kitchen cooking and grooving to the music... together. 

I wonder sometimes what she's thinking.   She seems to talk alot with her eyes.  While other times her mind must be pretty quiet.  Overall she is in the moment.   

I'm grateful that overall she seems happy and content.   All things considered, she's doing well, and happier than she's been in YEARS.    Alzheimer's is doing its thing, yet Mama continues doing HER her life the best way she knows...with a whole lotta love and joy.



Carolee Sperry said...

Gosh, you see the good in everything!

I love reading your posts here- gives me hope for the future with my mom (in case...)

keep up the good work!

Anita G. Houser said...

Thanks Carolee. I really appreciate you reading and commenting. It really means alot that you care so much. Glad you enjoy my posts.